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`A World of Love "@


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Join Global Vocalist Gina Salá,

an Indian Santoor player Jimi Miyashita and

Naoto in concert in Shinbashi to allow you to rest in the bliss of who you are.

Gina offers songs and chants from many cultures that allow us to experience the beauty of our shared humanity,

along with Jimi's gorgeous ancient echo

of Indian santoor (close to hammer dulcimer),

and Naoto's silkroad oboe

subtle dancing rhythm of frame drums like the pulse within.

You will leave relaxed, and inspired.




DEC. 21 Mon.  Start at 7:30pm. Open at 7:00pm.



Shinbashi (Tokyo) gGIN-NO-SUZUh

i1F #2 Suzumaru bldg. 3-8-1 Nishi-shinbashi,Minato-ku j

12 min. from JR/Metro Ginza line. 5 min. from Toei subway MIta line.      MAP



2500- ( reservation )

3000- ( door )



E-mail  maluna ( at )

Tel: 070-6529-4278




12 min. from JR / Metro Ginza line [Shinbashi station] Karasumori exit. Since around Shinbashi station is complicated, it's best to ask at police box first!   But, when you reach Hibiya street, turn left and go straight.

   At the traffic light :[Shinbashi 4 chome kosaten], you see "FamilyMart convenience store" and "Chinese  noodle shop" on the corner the right hand side of Hibiya street. So turn right that corner and the 1st floor of the 3rd bldg. on the left, that's "GIN-NO-SUZU".


5 min. from [Onarimon station] Toei subway Mita-line A5 exit.

   Go along Hibiya street toward [Shiba post office]. At the traffic light one after the post office traffic light,where you see "FamilyMart convenience store" and "Chinese noodle shop" on the corner,

   turn left that corner and the 1st floor of the 3rd bldg. on the left, that's "GIN-NO-SUZU".



yGina Salá Bioz

Gina Salá is a vocalist and workshop facilitator who shares the power and possibility of the voice throughout much of the world.

She began chanting at the age of 3 living in a Hindu ashram, and has lived in Tibetan Buddhist monastery, sung at the UN and as the lead singer for Cirque du Soleilfs show in Las Vegas. For the past 10 years she has been a director of Sound Healerfs of Washington. With warmth and humor, she shares the beauty of our shared humanity and spiritual essence. She is a citizen of Canada and the United States, living in Seattle, and leads annual River of Sound tours to India.

She also offers individual voice lessons and sound healing sessions.

Her passion is singing us awake to the wondrous presence that we are.

For more information:



yN. Naoto Bioz

A composer, vocalist, one of a few players in the world for the ancient

instrument: silkroad-oboe (guan-zi) .

Frame drummer, voice workshop facilitator.



yJimi Miyashita Bioz

A santoor player. He has been a disciple of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, India's santoor giant since 1993. Now he teaches and performs with this ancient beautiful instrument all over Japan.

Often he gets invited to perform for music festivals in India.







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